May 18, 2024
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Innovation Awards
Innovation Awards
HVAC Examples
Airflow HVAC Solution lets you build airflow systems. Connect fans coils, spaces, louvers dampers and much more to form airflow systems. The airflow systems are then ready to connect to hydronic or other systems for final design.
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Hydronic HVAC Solution is the only tool with ultimate flexibility for building hydronic systems. Drag, drop and connect boilers, heating coils, heat exchangers and other components. Calculate total head pressure drop, pump size, pipe size and much more.
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Schedules Equipment sized and scheduled! One of the end products of HVAC Solution is the generation of equipment schedules containing data describing the equipment. Use the schedules right on your design documents.
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Steam Debunking another mystery within the HVAC industry, HVAC Solution has now conquered steam. No more reinventing the wheel and trying to re-educate yourself when you need to the occasional steam project. Heck, you may even do steam more often now!
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Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials What if you had a way to design a system and then estimate the cost using your own billing rates?
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Electrical Coordination
Electrical Coordination Tired of getting in trouble with the electrical side of the project? HVAC Solution automatically generates an electrical coordination schedule for all the electrical components on the project.
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