July 17, 2024
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24 Jun 2024 New Version 2024.6.21
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Innovation Awards
Innovation Awards
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New Version Available.... 2024.6.21

The following are the changes since the last official release (2024.3.1):

* Added a configurable air handler and rooftop unit. Renamed the existing air handler and rooftop unit to custom air handler and custom rooftop unit.

* Added support for Revit 2025.

* Added Corechem GlycoChill+ P-200 as a fluid type. Enhanced the inputting of the secondary concentration of glycol fluids from a user entered value to a list of predetermined values.

* Added Taco types and selection for holding and mixing storage tanks.

* Added a feature that will show data about connectors when hovering mouse over it.

* Added additional components for ID naming using load or pump component.

* Added a feature to highlight various connectors when certain conditions are met (length, velocity, etc.)

* Added a Copy button to the space ventilation number of people.

* Added sorting for imported system/zone/space names.

* Added total modules to modular chillers and heat pumps.

HVAC Solution version 2024.1.7 added these new features:

* Added steam exhaust silencer component.

* Added ionization system component.

* Updated types and selection of Cleaver-Brooks boilers, surge tanks, condensate returns, deaerators, and steam exhaust silencers.

* Added out connection to pressure relief valves.

* Added GPS Air ionization system selection.

* Added ionization system to air wizards.

The following are the changes in official release (2023.12.1):

* Added Revit System Analysis import.

* Added Integrated Piping System design.

* Allow Williams fan coil selection for potable water.

* Enhanced filter type, arrangement and sizing data.

* Added selection of Dynamic filters.

* Added selection of Camus boilers and water heaters.

* Added selection of IMI Flow Design balancing valves, manual valves, pressure independent control valves, fittings and strainers.

* Added selection of IMI TA pressure independent control valves.

* Updated and added selection of Fulton boilers.

* Allow balancing valve manufacturer and type to be selected in the wizards.

* For steel pipes, use threaded fittings for diameters 2" and below.

* Added prefix type names for natural gas pipe and LP gas pipe.

HVAC Solution version 2022.06.20 added these new features.

* Added area to space schedules.

* Allow schedule row shading to be disabled.

* Increased the width of the location column in equipment schedules of most terminal units.

* Added Select Similar feature.

HVAC Solution version 2022.08.09 added these new features.

* The following are the changes since the last official release (2022.3.25):

* Added natural gas and LP gas schematics and pipe sizing.

* Added humidification to the air wizard.

* Added single stream air-to-air energy recovery, dual stream air-to-air energy recovery and hydronic loop energy recovery to the air wizard.

* Add support for Revit 2023.

* Use the Ctrl key to restrict the movement of objects to horizontal or vertical.

* Sort the component panel; changed "Airflow" to "Air" in component panel and toolbars.

* Allow equipment selection to be performed on selected items only.

* Separated duct and space terminals in the air wizard so that space terminals can be inserted on any space.

* Added absorption distance and tube spacing to the humidifier dispersion grid.

* Added operating pressure to the humidifier steam and steam-to-steam generators.

* Allow relief air components to be in the cabinet for more conditions.

* Updated Armstrong mixing center models.

* Updated Aermec NRL selection (air-cooled chiller, heat recovery air-cooled chiller, air-to-fluid heat pump, heat recovery air-to-fluid heat pump).

* Updated examples.

*  .

HVAC Solution version 9.6.2 added these new features.

* Enhanced CHVAC import to use the room number and room name as the space name.

* Added ability to link Revit spaces to HVAC Solution spaces.

* Added Laars Commercial Electric boiler type with selection.

* Updated Laars MagnaTherm and Pennant boiler and water heater selection.

* Added Multiaqua MHRC2 standard and simultaneous air-to-fluid heat pump with selection.

* Changed Multiaqua air cooled chiller selection from MAC to MAC-HE.

* Added new Multiaqua fan coil types and enhanced selection.

* Added simultaneous usage hydronic branch units with Multiaqua selection.

* Added single usage hydronic branch units with Multiaqua selection.

HVAC Solution 9.5.1 included videos available on our YouTube page.

HVAC Solution 9.4.3 added these new features

Added HPT single and dual stream air-to-air energy recovery selection.

*  Allow user to override the default fixture data.

*  Changed air handlers and rooftop units to only include coil loads in the heating and cooling sections and renamed those selections.

*  When importing, put coil leaving dry bulb/wet bulb into space cooling air data.

*  Revised pipe flow directions calculation.

*  Revised calculation when using grilles, registers and diffusers.

*  Revised calculation of extraction/injection well pair heat source-sink type.

*  Revised calculation with temperature values at the edge of the psychrometric chart.

HVAC Solution 9.3.1 added these features:

*  Added Patterson-Kelley HiDRA water heater selection.

*  Added Axiom DMF150 glycol feeder.

*  Hands Down Software Psychrometric Chart Update.

*  Added extraction/injection well pair type for heat source-sink, including deep well submersible pump.

*  Changed "Insert Duplicate Schematic Component" feature to allow for multiple components.

*  Displacement ventilation calculation update with Price Diffuser Automatic Selection.

*  Added controls connect point to some valves.

*  Speed up the insertion of domestic and DWV fixtures.

*  Revit 2019 Update.

HVAC Solution 9.2.3 added these new features:

Added Hands Down Software psychrometric charts and calculations.

*  Added Air/Fluid-to-Fluid heat pump.

*  Added quantities to fans.

*  Added Recovery/Delivery refrigerant coils.

*  Added support for Revit 2019.

*  Allow the space cooling air temperature to be set by sensible heat ratio, WB or RH.

*  Added displacement ventilation.

*  Enhanced CHVAC import to include data for displacement ventilation calculations.

*  Added displacement diffusers with Price selection.

*  Added preferred minimum size for single duct terminal units.

*  Added Single Stream Air-to-Air Energy Recovery.

*  Split "Existing" classification to "Existing to Remain" and "Existing to be Demolished"; changed how "Existing" classification components and connectors are displayed; added menu to change classification.

*  Added a structural schedule.

*  Revised changing of medium on components with duplicate coil component.

*  Revised recovery coils to get the space target temperature if upstream of the space.

HVAC Solution 9.1.2 added these new features.

*  Newly added furnace component with natural gas, propane and electric heating options as well as refrigerant cooling options.
*  Added propane and natural gas unit heaters.
*  Added a packaged fluid heat pump coil.
*  Added selection of Siemens pressure independent control valves.
*  Enhanced the editing of linked data.  Under File/Import  you will see "Update Data Link".  This will bring up a new interface which allows you to update your load Trane Trace and Elite CHVAC data.
*  You can now turn on/off the display of the detailed component toolbar and just have the compact toolbar shown.
*  Tweaked calculations for designing systems with hydronic heaters.
*  Update LoadMatch systems with complex piping arrangements.
*  Added more detail to the Patterson-Kelley duration indirect water heaters pictures.

HVAC Solution 9.0.1 added these new features.

*  Added extra tiers to the component toolbar.
*  Added spreadsheet view for editing data.
*  Selection of Cook fans.
*  Selection of Griswold valves.
*  Allow starting a connector by clicking on an unused connect point.
*  Selection of Bray valves.
*  Added Viessmann boiler and water heater/boiler selection.
*  Allow the user to prefer even size terminal units over odd size.
*  Added fluid to fluid heat pumps with heat source and heat recovery heat pumps and chillers to the hydronic wizards.
*  Selection of Paterson Kelly boilers.

Version 8.4.1 added these features:

*  Added Cook fan selection.
*  Added Patterson-Kelley boiler, water heater, and indirect water heater selection.
*  Added Taco 2-way and 3-way control valve selection.
*  Added Bray 2-way and 3-way control valve selection.
*  Added Griswold pressure independent control valve, 2-way control valve, 3-way control valve, and balancing valve selection.
*  Added new Aermec chiller type selection (NYB and WWM).
*  Updated Titus active chilled beam selection code.
*  Added mixing storage tank option to the hyronic system wizard.
*  Changed single straight lines to allow for multiple segments with other than 90 degree angles.
*  Changed Viega protective end cap quantity to 0.
*  Show total pipe length in the Bill of Materials in addition to the total units.
*  Renamed Duct Joint component to Duct Expansion Joint; renamed Pipe Joint component to Pipe Fitting; used Pipe Fitting component to select Viagra compression fittings and protective end cap for insulated pipe.
*  Updated the action of increasing the number of ports on a hydronic manifold.
*  Updated connection of exhaust fan for certain fan types.
*  Add to total MCA option for fan coils and indoor VRF units; add to schedule
*  Added additional word wrapping on Excel spreadsheets.

8.3.2 added these new features:

*  Added support for Revit 2018

*  Added Additional AERCO selection:  SmartPlate single wall indirect water heater, AM Series boiler, AM Series and AMR Series water heater, Benchmark Platinum and MFC dual return boiler.

*  Added additional Viega products:  Insulated Barrier PEX (single and dual), Viagra INsulated Barrier PEX protective end caps, wall penetration seals, hydronic manifolds, compression adapter, compression coupling with insulation kit.

*  Combined hydronic wizard schematics when the heating and cooling source is the same.

*  Allow tees to be added to the bill of materials.

*  Allow connectors to be a single, straight line.

*  Ensure hood connection is pointing down.

*  Changed how the coordination flags properties are handled, now works better with HI Res monitors.

*  Updated pipe cost data.

*  Updated calculation of head paths with headers and manifolds.

*  Updated calculation of loads with headers and manifolds.

*  Updated the Variable Speed Drives with controls viewport.

*  Updated connection directions on heat exchanger pictures involving steam.

*  Updated CHVAC import in detecting the building row.


*  Added domestic pipe pressure annotation.

*  Updated the calculation of head loss path for primary/secondary systems with multiple primary pumps.

*  Updated the calculation of leaving pressure for a domestic booster pump.

*  Updated the calculation of the loads of a VRF heat recovery outdoor unit when getting loads from multiple VRF branch units.


*  Added a VRF Tool Bar with outdoor and indoor units as well as branch selectors.

*  Added ability to reorder coils in air handler wizards.

*  Added ability to lock the position of project objects.

*  Added option to show control points in diagrams other than just the controls viewpoint.

*  Added a feature called "Show Associated Equipment", which gives the user the ability to show pressure paths and volume components without going into properties.

*  Added ability to set components to either top view or side view instead of just toggling.

*  Added domestic check valve, strainer, indicator, sensor, test port, pipe expansion joint, relief valve and back flow preventer valve.

*  Added pipe joint for domestic, DWV, refrigerant and VRF.

*  Allow "Select Only" when editing multiple objects.

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